What is Short stature (short height)?



Short height is defined when child is short compared to age and sex matched children in respect to parents height.



Why timely consultation important for children with short stature?



Once the bones (epiphysis) are fused; height cannot be increased further. Many short children are brought to Endocrinologist so late that bones have already fused and nothing can be done then for increasing height. Almost best outcome are possible when treatment is started earliest in any case of growth disorder.



How growth problems could be suspected in a child?


If he/she is shorter as compared to his/her classmates

If child is not outgrowing his/her clothes & shoes

He/she is gaining height less than 4-5 cm/year

Heavier than his/her friends


If you suspect any of above thing in your child; you should consult your doctor



What factors can contribute to normal height gain in children?



In children the various hormones (as growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and sex hormones), plays the role in normal height gain. Also many nutrients are also required for potential height growth.



What are the causes of short stature?


Hormone Disorders- Growth hormone deficiency, thyroid hormone deficiency, etc.

Malnutrition and Mineral Deficiencies- Under nutrition (of calorie, protein), Vitamin D deficiency, Calcium deficiency, Iron deficiency, etc.

Systemic Diseases- Diseases of the kidney, liver, heart, lungs or any body system can affect growth.

Familial short stature – if parents have short height

Constitutional delayed growth with or without delayed puberty

Other genetic disorders such as Turner syndrome

Idiopathic Short Stature – if no cause could be found for short stature